In the fall of 2019, The Columbus Crossing Borders Project partnered with Overflow International, a ministry group in Ohio, to create a community art project that could point to inclusion, acceptance and unity. All ages, all faiths and all walks of life gathered to create a large painted community "quilt". Everybody painted canvas squares to contribute to this quilt, serving as symbol of togetherness. As we approached this project, we prompted contributors with these questions:

What might we paint to depict our ideal community? What colors might represent a community that is generous and welcoming to all people? What symbols might be used to represent kindness and respect? Maybe we painted a design or a feature we love about our own community: a tree, a flower, a path in the park. From simple to complicated, all ideas were welcome.

It didn't matter who was the experienced artist and who wasn't. Everyone simply showed up to have fun contributing to this mural that speaks of unity